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About Us

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*** Note to Readers: Yes, I am an “Old Hockey Player” but this … this is NOT MY OLD TEAM Photo!



Founding Managing Partner, CEO

Profile: Bruce W Hoy  

“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.” — Henry David Thoreau ….

…. Find and work with people who are Passionate, Intelligent and above all value their Personal Integrity. If they do not value nor posses the latter … the first two do not matter! ….

…. “Great Moments are born from Great Opportunity.” Herb Brooks, Coach 1980 Men’s Gold Medal Ice Hockey Team. “Miracle” ….

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Our University & Research Team Profiles 

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University Partnerships and Genesis Nanotechnology’s ‘Vision Chart’

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Founding Partner, COO 

Profile: Russell Overgaard








Advisory Board Member

Profile: Mr. Warren S. Rustand







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Advisory Board Member

Profile: Mr. Robert Samuelsen

Our History

GENESIS NANOTECHNOLOGY, INC. (GNT) is an innovative new model of Nanotechnology commercialization. Using our Proprietary Business and Technology Development Model, we harness the power of early stage Nanotechnology innovations and position them for market entry to make positive environmental and economic impacts.

Industry and Market Leaders have recognized (and are actively seeking) the competitive advantage, the superior performance properties, cost savings, flexible manufacturing platform and warranty-life advantages of nanomaterials, GNT exploits  both the technologies and the market needs to create successful commercialization models.

We are helping move Emerging Nanotechnologies to the commercialization phase by partnering and funding latter stages of research at universities across North America and Internationally.

At Genesis NanoTechnology we are developing some very exciting technologies that have the potential to be not only “commercially viable disruptive game changers” but will also create a better quality of our life on our planet, such as:

Large Solar panels

Produce lower cost renewable energy particularly in the field of nanotechnology enabled solar power and battery storage systems

Provide clean, low cost drinking water for the world green earth untitled

SA Desal Plant

Provide low cost water filtration (desalination) and waste-water-remediation systems for industries such as the extraction of oil and natural gas from shale deposits.


Create high-quality, targeted drug delivery systems for a variety of health treatments, including Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.



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