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“An Energy Miracle” ~ Making Solar Fuel to Power Our Energy Needs

Making solar fuel would be one of those miracles. It would solve the energy storage problem for when the sun isn’t shining. And it would provide an easy-to-use power source for our existing transportation infrastructure.






Stanford and Oxford scientists report New Perovskite low cost solar cell design could outperform existing commercial technologies: Video

Researchers have created a new type of solar cell that replaces silicon with a crystal called perovskite. This design converts sunlight to electricity at efficiencies similar to current technology but at much lower cost.

A new design for solar cells that uses inexpensive, commonly available materials could rival and even outperform conventional cells made of silicon.


Two New Technologies that could charge your phone in seconds, Power the ioT (Internet of Things) and Power a New Generation of EF (extended flight) Drones  and EL (extended life) Marine Batteries




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