Great things from small things

“Great Things from Small Things”

"Great Things from Small Things"

An Introduction to Genesis Nanotechnology, Inc.

“Great Things … from Small Things”

Let Dr. Wade Adams, Associate Dean of The School of Engineering at Rice University passionately explain what Nanotechnology “is” and why it is fundamental to solving many of Our World’s most pressing challenges.

Dr. Wade Adams:  “Nanotechnology and the Future of Energy” 

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“Great Things from Small Things” – Searching for Global Energy, Water and Food Solutions

“Solving the World’s Biggest Problems … with the Smallest of Things”

 1-california-drought-farmsAs world population continues to grow, so does the need for water and food. It would be easy if the fix were laying down more pipes and cultivating more crops. But it’s not that simple. The global climate is becoming unevenly warmer and more people are moving into cities.

Both conditions put stress onto already-limited resources. These complex issues need complex solutions, and, for that, MIT has created the Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab.

Read the Full Article: Searching for Global Water and Food Solutions from MIT



The ‘Grand Challenges’ of Our Time

1-rice_logo Quoting Nobel Laureate Richard Smalley (The Smalley Institute, Rice University), a recognized as one of the founding fathers of Nanotechnology (“The Bucky Ball”), speaking on the topic of Nanotechnology, [quote]

Energy (using nanotechnology to harness abundant sources of renewable energy) may very well be the single most critical challenge facing humanity and by extension solving the problems associated with a growing world population, (Est. 10 Billion by 2050) of having enough:


1-Smalley th

(1) Water and Food Resources

(2) Safe and Clean Environment

(3) Access to and enjoying good Health

 Somehow, within the next few decades we must find a new energy source that can provide a minimum of 10 terawatts (TW) of clean power on a sustainable basis and do this cheaply.

  “Expecting Great Things from Small Things.


Our Current Project: YouTube Video:





GNT Presentation 2017 Nano Enabled Water Treatment ~

Solar-Quantum Dots, Energy Storage,  and More …

Nano Enabled Water Treatment – Quantum Dots for Textiles; Sensors; Solar Cells; Batteries; Drug Delivery and More …

“Harnessing the transformational POWER of Nanotechnology will usher our world into the age of the ‘2nd Great Industrial Revolution’. Nanotechnology will impact almost every aspect of our daily lives, from clean abundant Renewable Energy, Wearable-Sensory Textiles, Displays & Electronics to Bio-Medical, Diagnostics, Life-Saving Drug Therapies, Agriculture, Water Filtration, Waste Water Remediation and Desalination.”

“GNT™ is very excited to be a part of this ‘Revolution’. Bringing together leading ‘Nano-University Research Programs’ with Marketplace & Industry Leaders , engaging our Proprietary Business Model, fostering in a new paradigm in nanotechnology innovation.” A $3.9 TRILLION Market by 2018 – “Great Things from Small Things”

~ Bruce W. Hoy, C.E.O. of Genesis Nanotechnology, Inc. ~


Note To Readers:

“Nanotechnology” has recently been in the news in Washington, D.C., where a special Subcommittee on Commerce held a series of meetings with invited experts, ‘Nano-Academics’ and Policy Makers.

 Our Conclusion (GNT) is that Nanotechnology has not only “come of age” but will be the driving force behind the next Industrial Revolution, from Energy to Water, Electronics to Health … Nanotechnology will lead the way and solve many of the daunting challenges we face, creating vast new commercial opportunities.

(Here are the Committee Quotes)

WASHINGTON, DCThe Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade, chaired by Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE), today held a hearing on “Nanotechnology: Understanding How Small Solutions Drive Big Innovation.”

Chairman Terry concluded, “Nanotech is a true science race between the nations, and we should be encouraging the transition from research breakthroughs to commercial development. I believe the U.S. should excel in this area.”MIT-nano

“Just as electricity, telecommunications, and the combustion engine fundamentally altered American economics in the ‘second industrial revolution,’ nanotechnology is poised to drive the next surge of economic growth across all sectors,” said Chairman Terry

Dr. James M. Tour at the Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology at Rice University encouraged steps to help the U.S better compete with markets abroad. “The situation has become untenable.

U of Toronto Lab on a Chip 2014-07-21-dropbot-techNot only are our best and brightest international students returning to their home countries upon graduation, taking our advanced technology expertise with them, but our top professors also are moving abroad in order to keep their programs funded,” said Tour. “This is an issue for Congress to explore further, working with industry, tax experts, and universities to design an effective incentive structure that will increase industry support for research and development – especially as it relates to nanotechnology. This is a win-win for all parties.”

Professor Milan Mrksich of Northwestern University discussed the economic opportunities of nanotechnology, and obstacles to realizing these benefits. He explained, “Nanotechnology is a broad-based field that, unlike traditional disciplines, engages the entire scientific and engineering enterprise and that promises new technologies across these fields. … Current challenges to realizing the broader economic promise of the nanotechnology industry include the development of strategies to ensure the continued investment in fundamental research, to increase the fraction of these discoveries that are translated to technology companies, to have effective regulations on nanomaterials, to efficiently process and protect intellectual property to ensure that within the global landscape, the United States remains the leader in realizing the economic benefits of the nanotechnology industry.”   NREL 20140609_buildings_26954_hpJames Phillips, Chairman & CEO at NanoMech, Inc., added, “It’s time for America to lead. … We must capitalize immediately on our great University system, our National Labs, and tremendous agencies like the National Science Foundation, to be sure this unique and best in class innovation ecosystem, is organized in a way that promotes nanotechnology, tech transfer and commercialization in dramatic and laser focused ways so that we capture the best ideas into patents quickly, that are easily transferred into our capitalistic economy so that our nation’s best ideas and inventions are never left stranded, but instead accelerated to market at the speed of innovation so that we build good jobs and improve the quality of life and security for our citizens faster and better than any other country on our planet.”

We couldn’t agree more …

Genesis Nanotechnology, Inc. (GNT) is an applied Nanotechnology IP Holding and Development Company. GNT acquires, holds and develops Patents & Trade Secrets, then markets those IP’s for Nanomaterials across a broad spectrum of mature Horizontal & Vertical Markets. GNT creates ‘enterprise value’ & the opportunity for multiple revenue streams by obtaining the rights to & developing early stage ‘Nano-Intellectual Properties’ (NIP).

“Great Things from Small Things”

Renewable Energy

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Flexible, Printable, Electronics  Printing Graphene Chips

Water Filtration & Remediation        Water report60_l

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“Great Things from Small Things … 

Changing the Way we Innovate Everything.” 

Much like the changes plastics and polymers brought to our world, (making things easier to make, stronger, cheaper) applied nanomaterials are being fabricated and integrated into large, mature existing markets, while also facilitating emerging products and technologies that are being developed by a very deep field of mature and financially capable companies: [Examples: LG, Sony, Sharp, Samsung, Siemens, Merck, Lockheed Martin, GlaxoSmithKline.]   Nanotubes images Literally nanomaterials will change the way we innovate everything. They will touch almost every aspect in our everyday lives from Nano-Medicine and Consumer Electronics to Energy Solutions and Advanced Fabrics.     Where is Nanotechnology Used Today? Nanotechnology is used in many commercial products and processes, for example, nanomaterials are used to manufacture lightweight, strong materials for applications such as boat hulls, sporting equipment, and automotive parts. Nanomaterials are also used in sunscreens and cosmetics. Nano Particles for Steel 324x182Nanostructured products are used to produce space-saving insulators which are useful when size and weight is at a premium—for example, when insulating long pipelines in remote places, or trying to reduce heat loss from an old house. Nanostructured catalysts make chemical manufacturing processes more efficient, by saving energy and reducing waste. In healthcare, nanoceramics are used in some dental implants or to fill holes in diseased bones, because their mechanical and chemical properties can be “tuned” to attract bone cells from the surrounding tissue to make new bone. Some pharmaceutical products have been reformulated with nanosized particles to improve their absorption and make them easier to administer. Opticians apply nanocoatings to eyeglasses to make them easier to keep clean and harder to scratch and nanoenabled coatings are used on fabrics to make clothing stain-resistant and easy to care for. Almost all high-performance electronic devices manufactured in the past decade use some nanomaterials. Nanotechnology helps build new transistor structures and interconnects for the fastest, most advanced computing chips. All told, nanotechnologies are estimated to have impacted $251 billion across the global economy in 2009. This is estimated to grow to $2.4 trillion by 2015 (Lux Research, 2010).

For more information, see Benefits and Applications. (

Applications of Nanomaterials Chart Picture1

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  The Canadian Government has committed over $1.1 Billion through the Economic Action Plan 2013 and through the Small Business Venture Capital Act seeking to stimulate economic activity and world leading research and development in Nanotechnology Innovation. Large Solar panels   The United Statesin the 2014 Federal Budget provides more than $1.7 billion for the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), reflecting steady growth in the NNI investment. The cumulative NNI investment since fiscal year 2001, including the 2014 request, now totals almost $20 billion. Cumulative investments in nanotechnology-related environmental, health, and safety research since 2006 now total nearly $750 million.


GNT Science/ Research Teams and Board Members

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Working with Genesis Nano Technology .. What You Can Expect

Industry and Markets have increasingly recognized the superior performance, properties, cost savings, flexible manufacturing platform and warranty-life advantages of nanomaterials. However, developing an innovation from the lab to a product that is economically viable can be a complicated process. The Process requires experienced business management to realize the full potential of the innovation. Working in partnership with University researchers, GNT is focused on enhancing the opportunity to commercialize the innovation. As the ‘D’ in ‘R & D’, GNT makes the commercialization process smoother allowing researchers to focus on research and Business to focus on creating a Financially Viable Enterprise. GenesisNanoTech (GNT) is actively seeking and evaluating emerging nanotechnology opportunities for Joint Venture Partners and Strategic Alliances. These Alliances create “enterprise value” by identifying, developing, integrating and commercializing nanotechnologies that demonstrate significant new disruptive capabilities & enhance new or existing product performance or beneficially impact input cost reductions and efficiency and therefore will achieve a sustainable and competitive advantage in their chosen market sector. team-workBuilding on a solid foundation of Intellectual Properties, Trade Secrets and Processes, Genesis NanoTechnology is creating strong global alliances and building a world class portfolio of Nanotechnology Intellectual Properties ready for commercialization, translating “knowledge into know-how” for commercial success! Genesis Nano Technology is bringing together Advanced Nanotechnology Research with Marketplace and Industry Leaders [“Nano-Science with Nano-Business”] to foster a new paradigm in nanotechnology innovation for commercialization.

 The Benefits of Working with Genesis Nano Technology

  • Experienced Science and Technology Development Team
  • Experienced Business Formation, Strategy and Development Team
  • Cross Pollination of Synergistic Technologies
  • Predictable Business Outcome with Exit Strategy
  • Proprietary Business & Risk Mitigation Model


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