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Genesis Nanotechnology, Inc. (GNT™) is an applied Nanotechnology IP Holding and Development Company. GNT acquires, holds and develops Patents & Trade Secrets, then markets those IP’s for Nanomaterials across a broad spectrum of mature Horizontal & Vertical Markets. “GNT creates ‘enterprise value’ & the opportunity for multiple revenue streams by obtaining the rights to & developing early stage ‘Nano-Intellectual Properties’ (NIP).”




Our Focus has been on:

  • ‘Enabling Platform’ Technologies
  • Integrated Industry Application
  • Applied Nanotechnologies for Water Filtration and Wastewater Remediation
  • Applied Nanotechnologies for Drug Delivery and Diagnostics
  • Applied Nanotechnologies for the ‘Next Generation of Energy Storage and Nano-Enabled Solar Energy’
  • Applied Nanotechnologies for Fuel Cell Energies and Delivery
  • Applied Nanotechnologies for ‘Hybrid-Nano-Materials’: Polymers, Coatings, Security Imbeds and Sensors.

It’s been a busy few years! But really … we have only ‘scratched the surface’ of the tidal wave of discoveries being made everyday at leading Nano-Universities around the World! And as exciting as the new technologies and discoveries are … as anyone who has been working in “Nano” recognizes and acknowledges, new Financing Structures, Synergistic Collaborations, Private Industry and Government Partnerships have had to be created to “bring the promise of the new technologies” into our everyday world. And that … that is why we at GNT™ are so excited about our relationships with our Partners, our Technologies and our Approach to sustaining developing “game changing” technologies to Commercial Viability. 

Genesis Nanotechnology shares the vision of those who believe that “nanotechnology” will change the way we innovate everything.

Dr. Richard Smalley, (Nobel Laureate, Smalley Institute – Rice University) asserted over 30 years ago, quote:

“… Most of the BIG problems we now face and will face in the future [Energy, Water, Food Supply and Health] will be solved by the application of “nanotechnology … Expecting Big Things from Small Things.”

We (GNT) also believe, as Dr. Smalley did and as Geoffrey Moore asserted in his book “Crossing the Chasm”

“… that we are now 30+ years into a developing technology (maturation) representing a paradigm shift in technology.” The “Innovators” and the “Early Adopters” are already in the marketplace, engaging new technologies into existing market sectors and industries.”

[Examples: Medical Diagnostics, Therapeutic Drug Delivery, QLED’s, LCD’s, Semi-Conductors, QD Solar Energy, Coatings, Security Inks, Paints, Military Apparel/ Battlefield Identification]

We believe we are now transitioning from the cycle of The Early Adopters to the cycle of the Early Majority. We believe the explosion of technological capabilities represents an enormous “once in a lifetime” opportunity to be part of the fundamental and revolutionary changes that will redefine and reshape the physical and financial world we live in.

“A Fourth Industrial Revolution”



GNT Strategic Vision Chart

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The Alliance has sought Joint Venture Partners and Strategic Alliances that have created ‘enterprise value’ by identifying, developing and investing in, nanotechnologies that demonstrate significant new disruptive capabilities, enhance new or existing product performance, beneficially impact input cost reductions and efficiency and therefore will achieve a sustainable and competitive advantage in their chosen market sector.


Genesis NanoTechnology will actively seek and evaluate emerging nanotechnology opportunities for Joint Venture Partners and Strategic Alliances that will create ‘enterprise value’ by identifying, developing, integrating and commercializing, nanotechnologies that demonstrate significant new disruptive capabilities, enhance new or existing product performance and/or beneficially impact input cost reductions and efficiency and therefore will achieve a sustainable and competitive advantage in their chosen market sector.   Market and Industry Applications3adb215 D Burris Much like the changes plastics and polymers brought to our world, (making things stronger, cheaper, better) applied Nanomaterials are being integrated into existing markets and are also facilitating emerging products and technologies that are being developed by a very deep field of mature and financially capable companies: Examples: Sony, Sharp, Samsung, Tokyo Electron, IKEA, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline. Literally Nanomaterials will change the way we innovate everything. They will touch almost every aspect in our everyday lives from Nano-Medicine and Consumer Electronics to Energy Solutions and Advanced Fabrics.

Some Examples:  Solid-State Lighting, Screen Displays (LED, LCD,QLED), Semi-Conductors, Nano-Bio and Nano-Medicine, (Cancer Treatment, Diagnostics & Drug Delivery and Therapy) Security Inks, Paints, Coatings & Filters, QD Enabled Solar Cells, Ion-Lithium & Organic Batteries, Water Filtration & Desalinization, Military Armor and Identification and Natural Gas & Oil Market applications.   (An Example of Current Application of Nanomaterials) Excerpted From: “Why Quantum Dots  Can Join Every Aspect of Everyday Life”

(Quote) ” … Tiny bits of semiconductor crystals – so-called quantum dots – have such remarkable properties that scientists think they will soon be used in everything from light bulbs to the design of ultra-efficient solar cells.

The properties of a material were once thought to be defined only by its chemical composition. But size matters too, especially for semiconductors. Make crystals of silicon small enough – less than 10 nanometers – and their tiny dimensions can start to dictate how the atoms behave and react in the presence of other things.

QDOT images 2

These mature, financially capable market sectors represent potentially Billions if not Trillions of Dollars in new “nanotechnology enabled markets and products.” Soon we should see the swell in the ranks of the “Early Majority“ as the market accepts and then demands: the enhanced manufacturing platforms, input cost reductions, increased warranty life, the superior performance of end use products and multiplied values that nanotechnologies provide.

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